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Waid Environmental (formerly Waid and Associates) is an engineering and environmental services firm founded in 1978. Texas and the Southwest are our principal geographic work areas. We have also worked in several other states which are listed on the following map. We specialize in air quality services, particularly emissions control, permits, and compliance and have conducted thousands air quality projects. In addition to air quality services, we provide services in wastewater/waste management.

Our familiarity with federal and state environmental rules, upcoming trends, and an experienced technical staff enable us to provide economical, quality timely and comprehensive solutions to environmental requirements.

Our experience and knowledge base enables us to:

  • Provide comprehensive solutions to environmental issues
  • Expedite permit reviews
  • Provide experience for developing permitting strategies
  • Resolve compliance issues
  • Reduce liabilities by identifying potential non-compliant situations
  • Optimize and automate compliance management procedures
  • Provide on-site support as needed
An engineering and environmental services firm is only as strong as its technical staff. Our staff is qualified, experienced, and accomplished.

As of March 2009 we formally changed our business name from Waid and Associates to Waid Environmental to more closely identify our name to our strength and work focus. Nothing other than the name has changed.