Emissions Inventory Preparation


Each year our clients are required to submit to the state agency a summary of emissions released from their facilities. For applicable facilities, this reporting requirement includes all sources of pollutants emitted over the previous calendar year, named an Emissions Inventory (EI). Per the EPA, air pollution emission inventories are used by regulatory agencies as the basis for trends analysis, regional and local scale air quality modeling, regulatory impact assessments, and human exposure modeling. Data from the National and State Emissions Inventories is frequently used by Waid Environmental staff to provide our clients with greater insight into the air quality surrounding their facilities as part of state and federal modeling analyses.

Emission Inventories have been a requisite aspect to environmental regulation since the implementation of the Clean Air Act. Waid Environmental has been handling this reporting requirement for our clients since our inaugural year in 1978. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that your next EI season is as seamless and timely as possible.

As of 2015, all Emission Inventory reporting to the TCEQ must be in electronic format. While a big advancement from the years of hundred-paged handwritten reports, the basic reporting system available to the public comes with its own troubles. In light of this, Waid has developed proprietary software to efficiently and effectively submit reports on behalf of our clients. This software reduces the amount of time for submittal that is otherwise necessary when submitting through the TCEQ's STEERS input web portal. Contact Waid Environmental today to learn how we can streamline your Emissions Inventory reporting process.