Dale Simpson, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Dale Simpson, P.E.


Dale Simpson, P.E.



Dale Simpson has 15 years of experience in Environmental Compliance for Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Oil & Gas and is a regular attendee of the annual AFPM Environmental Conferences.

Projects Dale has been involved with are: (1) implementing both Excel Workbook and DAHS Database calculation programs for compliance with sitewide limits and work practice standards; (2) implementing Task Management solutions for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements; (3) implementing easy to follow checklists for the preparation of MACT and NSPS Semiannual Reports; (4) preparation of Title V Permits, Standard Permits, PSD Evaluations, Permits by Rule, Annual Emission Inventories, Estimation of Emission Rates, and Air Dispersion Modeling.

Dale is an Excel Power User with 15 years of Excel experience in Environmental Compliance and 30 years of coding experience. He uses this experience to translate proprietary database code into a more comprehensible Excel format. He has an extensive knowledge base of excel functions and algorithm design for optimizing spreadsheet calculation times and he is resourceful in his use of keyboard shortcuts for rapidly building and repairing workbooks. His workbooks include robust documentation of calculations as well as guidance for how to update and utilize the spreadsheets for recordkeeping and reporting.

Dale builds spreadsheets that provide sites a more clear understanding of how their DAHS operates. This provides the sites:

  • The capability for Dahs Algorithm Ownership, Auditing, and Standardization.
  • The rapid determination of Emission Event causes and the impact of Monitor Failures on limit calculations.
  • A more efficient Data Quality Control and Review. For example: Excel allows for more easily visualizing data with Excel Charts.
  • The ability to use Excel to share data between Environmental and Operation Departments when performing Root Cause Analyses.

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