Jennifer Wang, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Jennifer Wang, P.E.


Jennifer Wang is a May 2014 graduate with a MSE degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and a June 2012 graduate with a BS degree in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Jennifer joined Waid Environmental in June 2014 and has experience in Texas and New Mexico. Experience includes air quality dispersion modeling via AERMOD, Title V SOP applications, PSD applications, GHG reporting, TRI reporting, notices of intent, general construction permits, NSR air permit applications, permit amendments and renewals, permit by rule registrations, standard permit applications, emission inventories, regulatory analysis, and cost benefit economic analyses.

Jennifer has over 8 years of experience in the environmental engineering field. Her previous experience includes designing a waste-to-energy wastewater treatment system using anaerobic co-digestion with captured biogas fuel for Anam City, Nigeria with the Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), conducting energy efficiency retrofitting with Rebuilding Together Peninsula and solar installations with GRID Alternatives, building small-chamber and plug flow reactor designs to monitor chemical emission and degradation of formaldehyde from building materials, designing a stormwater and rainwater recycling system proposed for reuse in new campus buildings at Stanford, testing for vapor intrusion at potential brownfield sites and making remediation recommendations for the Centers for Disease Control, and quantifying human exposure to triclosan and dosage based on an assessment and survey of consumer product usage.


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