Roger Martin, P.E.


Senior Consulting Engineer

Roger Martin, P.E.



Roger Martin has over 29 years of experience in the environmental field including preparation and review of SPCC plans, renewal of municipal wastewater permits, preparation of permit by rule registrations, and preparation of standard permit applications. Before joining Waid Environmental in 2013, Roger worked at E-Tech Environmental and Safety from 2009 to 2013, and at Flint Hills Resources starting in 1987.

At E-Tech, Roger gained experience in developing storm water and solid waste regulatory compliance program for a local polypropylene plant. This involved developing the site’s environmental procedures, setting up the storm water sampling and reporting plan, organizing the filing system, classifying hazardous waste streams and units, populating the notice of registration, etc. He also was responsible for reviewing and sealing SPCC plans for oil and gas, transportation, and bulk oil facilities.

At FHR, Roger managed the environmental training program for all Odessa site employees. He also managed compliance programs in solid and hazardous waste, process wastewater, storm water, SPCC, and UIC; negotiated the original Part B permit and Compliance Plan for the facility; and was Project Manager for soil and groundwater studies required under the RCRA corrective action process and managed the remediation and closure of 71 solid and hazardous waste sites.

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